Honey Pine w/ Labradorite

Honey Pine w/ Labradorite

Each ceramic pendant is handmade using stoneware clay. All pendants are unique using a variety of surface decoration techniques to achieve a rustic or organic appearance celebrating the philosophy of wabi sabi, embracing the beautiful imperfections found in nature. 
All glazes are custom made in studio using raw materials formulated to layer with each other creating stunning chemical reactions to pair perfectly with our surface decorations. 
Materials  used
Earrings Studs-304 stainless steel or titanium
Dangle-304 stainless steel -3mm ball with a ring to hang our ceramic art
French wire-304 stainless steel
Necklaces-Stainless Steel 18" 

Use as an essential oil diffuser by adding oil to the bare clay back of pendant and allow it to soak in.
They make the perfect gift for;
Nature lovers
Nemophilists -Is an obscure word that hasn’t really been used for over 109 years but it is a word that surely deserves a comeback. 
It means someone with a love or fondness for forests, woods, orwoodla d scenery, or someone who often visits them -a haunter of woods
No two pairs will ever be exactly the same. 

Approx size 
Please handle with care, while they are very strong, they are not invincible. 
Remove before bed, bathing or swimming. 
Our pieces embrace the japanese aesthetic philosophy of wabi sabi, which celebrates elements that are weathered, worn or rusted.   
Appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world.

All pendants are handmade and assembled in studio by Nicole.
Each ceramic pendant and gemstone is unique. 
Images are as close to true colour as possible, but there may be some differences in monitors.

Approx Dimensions