Short Tumbler/Cup (no handle)

Short Tumbler/Cup (no handle)

Tumblers / Cups / Handless Mugs / Goblets  

-Call it what you like & use it to drink any beverage you fancy.
-Can hold hot or cold liquids, *caution* outside will get hot depending on temperature of beverage.
-All handmade therefore each has its own unique personality 
-Our glazes are made in studio using our own glaze recipes
-No two objects are ever 100% the same
-I do not edit my images
-Due to the differences in monitor settings, some colours may appear different. The glazes really come alive in natural light
-All items are microwave and dishwasher safe (excluding pieces with gemstones or metal embelishments)
Stoneware pottery is pretty tough but if you abuse it, it will break.
*We take no responsibility for injuries due to user negligence
Pottery Care see
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  • Pottery Care

    Use with caution and care. 

    Glaze is a layer of glass essentially, if you drop it, it will probably break. 

    Pottery care on my website ------------