Wild Honey White -19oz

Wild Honey White -19oz

All made by my hands, therefore each has its own unique personality, they are formed from flat slabs of clay, joining the clay creates seams that I highlight to accentuate their handmade beauty. 

The image on these pots are by my own design and meticulously glazed. 

My glazes are made by me in my studio using glaze recipes involving raw materials 
-No two objects are ever 100% the same
-Due to the differences in monitor settings, some colours may appear different. The glazes really come alive in natural light
- Hand washing is recommended dishwashing detergent is harsh and the powerful water force can cause your dishes to bang into each other 
-All items are microwave and dishwasher safe but do so with care (excluding pieces with gemstones or metal embellishments)  
Stoneware pots are fairly durable but they can break. Use with caution and care. Glaze is a layer of glass essentially, if you drop it, it will probably break. 

*We take no responsibility for injuries due to user negligence  
Pottery Care see https://www.nicolelceramics.ca/potterycare

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