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Tips for Purchasing from restocks-

  • Create a customer account - fill out all of your billing and shipping info correctly! This will save you a lot of time! 

  • Watch for updates on Instagram for restock info. TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS

  • Create an alarm on your phone as a reminder for the shop restock date and time.

  • Sign into your customer account minutes before the restock.

  • Listings appear at :01 min. REFRESH SCREEN *try Request desktop site

  • Items sometime sell quickly at the restock time: I suggest you purchase each item separately! Your cart does not hold items! 

  • Please read through all FAQ before messaging me! Thank you!

  • I cannot control the speed of the website on your end, please no negative comments if you miss out. There’s always next time!

Do you take custom orders?  No. For many reasons I no longer create custom work. I found it too stressful and I do this because I love it.

Your shop is empty. When is your next restock?  I try my best to have a shop restock every month or every 2 months, depending on the time of year and my personal health! Sign up for my newsletter to get notifications about the next restock date or follow me on Instagram @nicoleLceramics for information about new work! 

Will you be making more of _______ mugs? I get this question after a mug sells out, on my website there is the option’ for back in stock request’ This gives me an idea of what people want more of, but the truth is I don’t know if I’ll be creating more, or get the glazes to melt in the same way. All of my ‘treescape’ mugs are carved freehand with very little design specifics in mind, long sorry short just don’t hold your breath. 

I bought a mug but realized my address is wrong can you fix it? Before you purchase anything, you should always double check your information! If there is an issue, please email me: ASAP I will fix the mistakes on the shipping labels, but it is your responsibility to change your own information on your customer account for future purchases!



Will you have previews of your work before the restock? On instagram I try to share all items in the story/highlight section. 

Can you hold a piece for me?  I do not hold items. To make it fair for everyone, every piece is first come first serve, even if you are my mother, sorry. Fair is fair.

Do you ship internationally? I only ship to North America at this time, figuring it all out as I go. 

What paint do you use on your mugs? I use my own glaze recipes for the majority of my work but sometimes use underglaze colours from Amaco, Spectrum & PSH or Mayco stroke and coat.

Can I have your glaze recipe? No, I do not share my glaze recipes, takes a lot of trial and error to get my glazes to behave the way they do and I do it because its another way for me to differential my work, and make it stand out.


Where is your studio? I create everything in my private home studio with two second hand kilns older than me! My studio is not open to the public. I do not give classes. 

I bought multiples; will you combine shipping? Yes! I will combine shipping and refund applicable shipping overages. Please be aware that multiple ceramic pieces in one box means more packaging material which creates more weight resulting in a higher cost. I will only combine shipments if it is safe to do so!

Can I put my mug in the microwave? Yes! Most of my work is microwave safe! Be careful your mug might be very hot to touch! Pieces with gemstones or metal accents are NOT microwave or dishwasher safe! Unless you want to see sparks fly!

My mug is making a tinging sound! This is completely normal! Many pieces ting when they are newly hatched from the kiln! Some artists have had pieces known to ting years after use! They also call the tinging sounds the mug singing. 


My mug has small cracks throughout the glaze. Will this effect it? This is glaze crazing! It is very common! I own many mugs from other artists which have crazed and nothing bad has happened! Studies show that with proper cleaning with hot water, crazing should have no negative effects. I suggest rinsing your mug after using so no dark liquid sits in it overnight.  Before purchasing you can ask me if the piece, you’re interested in has crazing! Or zoom in on listing photos to see glaze effects. Ceramics are subject to crazing over time no matter the glaze! 

How do I care for my new pottery?  Pottery is fragile and should always be handled with care! Everything is dishwasher safe (unless stated otherwise)! Although, I suggest hand washing because it ensures the longevity of the piece! Right after opening your package always wash your new pottery with warm soapy water before using! **To avoid thermal shock do not freeze your pottery or pour boiling water into a cold mug! Thermal shock happens when ceramic changes temperature drastically creating cracks through the ceramic which causes your piece to break! You can always run warm water over your mug before pouring boiling water into it! Sanded clay bottoms are subject to stains over time with washing. Do not let your mug sit over night with dark liquid inside- this can cause stains. 

Discounted/ On Sale / Seconds If items are on sale, it is because of aesthetic imperfections (glaze defects, etc.) Please read the description of each item carefully! Please be aware that all pieces are handmade and may have nuances which give it that handmade touch. 


Shipping All orders ship within 1-5 business days via Canada Post unless another carrier is more cost efficient. You should receive an email with a tracking number! Shipping prices are calculated by manual input. 

Packaging I try my best to pack each item carefully to ensure its safe arrival using recyclable packaging materials! If you do get plastic material in your box, these materials were from other packages or donated to me which I am reusing! Some packing peanuts are biodegradable! Just pour water over them and they will dissolve! I urge you to reuse or recycle all packaging material to the best of your ability.

Order Cancelations  Do not accept cancelations - 

Exchanges/ Returns I do not except exchanges or returns. Please look through all photos and read descriptions to know exactly what you are purchasing! I try my best to photograph everything in close to natural light. Glaze colors may differ in dim artificial lighting. 


 Damages If your item is damaged in shipment, please send me a message immediately by email with multiple photos of the broken product and box it was shipped in!

*Refunds will not be issued unless it is the same day of delivery with proof of damage.

Lost Package/ Stolen/ Delayed Once the package is delivered to the post office it is out of my hands. I cannot be held responsible for shipping delays, lost or stolen packages. Please contact your local post office and check your tracking number history! Even if your tracking info online has not changed in a while, please visit your local post office because it might be there already! 


For any other questions or concerns you can email me at

This FAQs page was shared with me by Brooke

-She is an amazing ceramic artist and kind human

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